A New Year + 2019 Recap

It's been about a year since I left the blogsphere to focus on some major life shifts. New creative outlets, a new job, personal growth, y'know - all the good things. 2019 was filled with unexpected events & important realizations, I guess more so than the years before since I graduated from university. It was a year of discovering myself as an artist & developing important skills, and really looking at what was important to me (honestly, something I will always strive to do).

Like for so many, blogging was also a way for me to have something of my own; it gave me a space to share interests with others. When I launched my blog for the first time in 2018, I didn't expect so many doors would be presented to me. During a small amount of time, I was really able to develop skills through networking with other creatives and gain important knowledge about marketing. I helped great brands spread their business which lead me to discover my interest in modeling & soon after, my acting & film exploration began. I reflect on it now & it's crazy to see how every single leap of faith I took lead to opportunities to do it again.

Quick Year Recap
2019 was a special year for me. I was unemployed & struggled for quite some time. Then, after many rejections, I got a job, paid off some things, and saved for some projects & necessities (thank Goodness). I started building a portfolio & worked as a model. Then, decided to just go for it, got new headshots done & started acting. I went to class & connected with other aspiring actors (it really had me wishing I had taken theater in high school or drama classes during undergrad). And for the first time in my life, I got to be on set for a show! I traveled many miles for my craft. My car broke a few times. I struggled a bit more but picked myself back up. I continued to meet so many different kinds of people and got to share the love they have for their craft. I loved talking honestly about the jobs we had to fuel life. When I was home, I spent a lot of time cuddling & going on walks with my favorite pups. And finally, I got sent to New York for my first movie premiere for CATS. I explored New York for a few days & flew home to spend the rest of the holidays with my loved ones. I felt like it was all a dream, really. Unreal but so real.
God is good.
He really wanted my year to go out with a bang and I thank Him dearly for it. :)

This new year, I remind myself of the resolutions I've had before and add new ones, too. 
I want to be more present with others so I can foster my relationships. I want my faith to strengthen & to carry me past my doubts. I want to continue unlocking my mind to improve my acting & I want to be braver doing it. I want to give my time to focus on gaining quality experiences, developing skills, exploring new hobbies & returning to old ones - all the things that will help fuel my creativity & help me see the beauty in this life (all the meaningful things that acting pushes me to do). 
There are so many more on my list, these are just a few!

I'm excited to see where my path takes me this year!
So what do YOU hope to accomplish this year and how will you reach for these goals?
Happy New Year, everyone!