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Holiday Gifting Guide

Holiday Gifting Guide

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Giving all my thank yous to everyone who chooses to support me through them!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!
Bring on the festivities and gift giving! It’s time to celebrate all that we love!
Shopping can get real hectic around the holidays. So I’ve put together a little something, filled with a few of my favorite shopping resources to spark a little inspiration!

Tips to keep in mind

check pinterest

Not sure what your Secret Santa wants for Christmas? Chances are, you’ll get an idea of what they’ve been eyeing throughout the year if they have a Pinterest. If you don’t have one already, it’s easy and it’s free! And it definitely makes my ideas flow easier when I search for any kind of inspiration!


think “useful”

One of the most obvious ways to figure out what to gift someone is asking yourself, “what does this person need?” If you’re looking to get value in any gift, reflect on this question.
Is your bff an aspiring v/blogger/content creator? Welp, let me tell you know, they probably need a lot of good lighting for visuals and if not, they probably need help with something or other. Find out what it is they need & help them out!

Recs/Examples: Ring light, backdrop, tripod (for all my v/blogger babes), phone applications/editing tools, makeup brush sets, jewelry holders, biodegradable Pela phone cases


it’s not always about material things

It’s not always about the material things. Spending time with others is important too! So do that. Set aside some time together at a really nice place and just BE TOGETHER. You can buy all the shoes in the world but there’s only one of you & one of that person; spend that quality time together!
One great way that I do to spend time with my loved ones or gift an experience to my friend is through Groupon!
Groupon has a bunch of deals on food, activities, spas, etc.! J
Just fill in the area you want to look for for deals and BOOM, there you go ;)


think outside the season

Just because some things are out of season, doesn’t mean you can’t gift them! Honestly, you’ll be saving more money if you do purchase things out of season. This goes for any occasion, really: birthdays, anniversaries, etc. So yeah, buy that bikini set or that bright summer accessory, the next season will come around eventually!
Style is timeless, so if it looks good, it’s all about how you rock it ;)


Ebates + store applications

Online shopping has never been easier for me because of this! I don’t know about you but I shop at the same stores and up until this last September, I had no idea how handy downloading the store application would be. It’s actually pretty life changing…

Ebates: The cash back portal.
Just keep in mind that if you do get cash back through a certain portals like Ebates, make sure you look for those items through that portal or log into the same email so that you can automatically apply your Ebates cash back & GET. THAT. COIN. BACK.
You can download the Ebates extension when you sign up below!
Start earning a percentage right back from each purchase from the retailers you choose to shop with through Ebates!


tips + ideas on where to shop

black friday + cyber monday + sales throughout the year

I think we all know about the first two big events (USA) mentioned, right?
But not going to lie, I do my holiday shopping during the summer when winter items are on sale. I think one Wednesday, I didn’t have class and GAP had their entire store from 50%-70% off. Like what!? Yes. So don’t sleep on sales throughout the year. It’ll help your wallet in the long run to keep your eyes out and honestly, sometimes the sales are actually BETTER.

@ Deals I’ve been eying ;)
Ulta Deals
Forever 21 Pre-BlackFriday Sale
@ Non Fashion + Beauty Related:
Origin Deals
Casual Gamers Galore - For anyone trying to catch The Sims packs on sale. I see you. I’m here for you. xoxo


accessories are a fave

Have a lot of babes you have to shop for? Accessories are such go-to for me. If I got everyone I loved a $60 sweater every single year, I wouldn’t be able to buy groceries for the next 6 months & who wants that? You don’t have to spend a lot to show someone you care. Spot some good quality accessories
As someone who loves to check the accessories section of a store first, I knnooww how overwhelming it can get. So I always just go online for it. Use that store application & Ebates extension to make your life easier ;)

Support Small Businesses
Etsy is one of my favorite market places to shop at for personal & gift giving purposes!
Here’s a list of my favorite Etsy stores that I’ve purchased handmade jewelry at:
Rose & Choc
Maresia Jewelry
@ My Fur Baby Parents - Check Etsy > Home & Living > Pet Supplies ;)
Note that these stores have a limited amount of stock so get your items quick AND soon to give enough time for each item to reach your loved ones!


Visit Local Catholic Stores

Don’t forget to visit your local Catholic stores for those faith filled presents for your loved ones. You can find devotionals, books, saint + prayer cards, Rosaries and sooo much more.
Looking to learn more about Jesus, Mary, a particular saint and your Catholic faith? Go visit!
It’s definitely a wonderland.


check the ‘home’ sections of stores

Did you know that stores like H&M and ASOS has home goods & gift sections? Here’s a list of all the places that have the cutest home goods that I personally shop at!
Forever 21 Home + Tech
H&M Home
ASOS Living
Urban Outfitters Home + Urban Outfitters Lifestyle
Francesca’s Gift + Home
***Also. Never forget to check the SALES section of any online store you. I feel like that’s a given, but I sometimes forget to check because of all the new items they’re putting out!***


food + drinks are a thing

Don’t sleep on those high quality chocolates and drinks, people!
What’s your bff’s favorite wine? Get it! Oh, you don’t know!? Well, what about that one you’ve been loving so far? Or y’know what, sign yourself up for a Groupon and go look for wine tasting events nearby! Assorted beverage sets are also available this year at stores so go look for those as well! Have a friend who loves to mix their own drinks? Check out those home links above to look for unique kitchen + mixer items! Always be on the hunt ;)


never go wrong w/the dollar stores

For those having smaller gatherings, you can try hitting up stores like Dollar Tree & MISS A to check for basic gift giving necessities like gift/goodie bags and prizes! There are suuuch hidden gems in stores like these. They’re great for stocking stuffers (if you do those) and they’re great places to get cute little prizes for small holiday games!

Learn About Shelters
The dollar store is also a great place to get basic necessities like toiletry items, dental care, and female products when you’re putting together care packs for your local shelter.
Dallas Homeless Shelter Resource
Locate a shelter near you here to give back those blessings + knowledge you received this year to brothers and sisters that need our help.


raid your closet to give

Whether it’s donating your clothes this season or presenting a lightly used piece from your wardrobe to a good friend, going through your closet is a great idea! Lately, I’ve been looking for new ways to incorporate sustainable fashion habits into my life & I think this is a great idea! What haven’t you used in your wardrobe for a while that you know a friend would love to have!? Wrap it up all nice & pretty & there you go - you didn’t even have to go out to the store this time around! How great is that!?

More ways to give this holiday season is making purchases at retailers that give back. Companies like BeautyKind and brands like Rice Love Bags & KORA give back to charities with a percentage of each purchase!

Discount codes
Rice Love Bags use OHMYMARR for 20% off // @ KORA use MKORA15 for 15% off

Read more about how these companies give back on their site or here on the blog!

With all that being said, we should always remember the true meaning of the holiday season! Enjoy the presence of family & friends because you can always go out & buy a new this or that, but time can never be turned back. For anyone struggling to find comfort in either, give yourself a little lovin’ and treat yo’ self, you matter and you are loved by your family here on OHMYMARR ;)

Whatever day of faith you may be celebrating this season, don’t forget its meaning this season, too! Refresh your spirit for the new year in faith and goodness!

I wish you all a happy, happy, happy holiday season!
Many blessings!


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