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Fashion + Beauty Favorites - June 2018

Fashion + Beauty Favorites - June 2018

June 2018 was definitely a really fun month for me, fashion + beauty wise. Because Texas weather can be a bit crazy (to all my Texas babes- you know what I'm talking about) dressing out can be a REAL struggle. Recently though, the weather has been rather consistent in my area so my fashion game has actually been able to thrive.

I've always wanted to share my personal monthly favorites but have never had an outlet to do so. So with wayy too much excitement, here are my June 2018 fashion & beauty favorites! Links are underlined ;)

1. Tattoos

I only have two but I am in LOVE with the way they subtly amplify any summer outfit. My tattoos are in rather discreet locations: my inner right wrist & the medial side of my left arm, but if I move in certain ways, others are still able to see them. If you have tattoos yourself, you know it can be rather addicting. It's like a collection of art that you can carry around. It's just so incredibly pleasing to the eye when you choose the right one! I can't wait to enhance my fashion & beauty with more inspiring body art!

2. Human + Kind Body Oil

I actually found this product on a whim! I scheduled a hair appointment at my local Ulta salon and decided I'd browse the aisles before I checked out at the cashier. After a few minutes of urging myself to make no other purchases that day, I finally decided to check out. OF COURSE, they had last minute products RIGHT there.

So I'd picked this body oil up for $5! The retail price was $20 so when I saw that, I grabbed it with no hesitation at all. It's helped a lot with tattoo care and feels wonderful on the face & body before bed. It's only been a month & I'm not even half way through it! 

I take very hot showers (I know- it's terrible but it helps to soothe my troubled mind) so putting this on all over my body afterward is the BEST feeling on my dry skin. I've recently been using it more to relieve dryness around my tattooed areas. It's helped so much. This product has definitely gotten me into using body oils more but because of its original price point, I feel like looking for more affordable oils is the best option for my wallet this month (and really all months of the year).

3. Accessories: Detailed Floral Ring

It's a problem. I don't have that many rings but goodness, a nice piece of art is not cheap. I usually get the style of rings I like from Etsy. I have very slender fingers so it's rather difficult for me to find my size at regular stores because my size isn't usually on demand. I don't mind though, it saves me a trip to the jewelers' and I love helping small businesses on Etsy!

4. Light wash, High-Rise BF Denim Shorts

Winter & Spring seasons are when I shop for my summer pieces. Everything is on sale & if you search for staple pieces, it's worth every discounted penny. We all love a good high-rise denim bottom. I'm so excited that it's evolved into a more classic design. Recently I've been sporting a pair of light wash denim shorts from PacSun. It fits loose enough that I'm not constantly in need of pulling out a wedgie but fitted enough that it doesn't look like I'm wearing one big sack. It's great with all of my graphic tees, light or dark. Over-sized (light) sweaters and loose t-shirts have been my go-to picks to pair with these comfy pieces this month.

5. Fossil Bag

For my birthday, I was so kindly gifted a Fossil cross-body that I'd been eyeing for a little more than a year. I've just never really had the funds for it and now it's been the only purse I've been lugging around since I'd gotten it. I use the term 'lugging' because I carry way to many things most of the time. But I find that this bag pleasantly accommodates for this unfortunate habit of mine. Most of the casual items in my closet style very well with this piece & nothing makes me happier than a basic yet classic addition to The Closet. 

6. Brown Wal-Mart Sandals

I've worn these babies for years. I think I got them about 2 or 3 years ago when a friend and I needed to shop for some groceries. If you're familiar with the whole Wal-Mart vs. Target conversation, you might not hear this often, but yes, just like Target, I end up leaving with more than I have to sometimes when I visit Wal-Mart. Finding gems like this pair of durable sandals is a great feeling. They're comfortable, durable, stylish and most importantly cheap. Caring for the coin has never felt better.

7. Basic Black Crop Top

I've been wearing this top for everything this month. Brunch, errands, meetings, nights out & even the gym! It makes me so happy I'm still able to style a clearance purchase from years back. Still I've been seeing tops like these being sold at all kinds of stores this summer so don't lose faith if you're still on the look out for a similar piece. 

8. Diff Eyewear: Becky - Black Sunglasses

Don't mind not eating for a whole month!? Well this is definitely the purchase for you. (Click the link and you'll know exactly why.) But I have no regrets. I don't think I've ever loved a pair of sunnies this much. I could literally be running errands in my pajamas and wearing these sunglasses and all of a sudden, the sidewalks become my runway. It's honestly liberating. 

What were your June 2018 Fashion + Beauty faves?


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