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My name is Marr! I'm a Filipina-American blogger just trying to figure out life. I hope you join me on my quest to discover a happier, healthier & enjoyable one. Whether that’s a new podcast, beauty product, or bars in Dallas - I’d love for you to tag along in my thoughts & adventures with me!



I'm going to admit this right now: I stay in most of the time either studying or writing or reading with the exception of the gym (of course). So yeah - I can be a bit of a homebody. BUT when I do get the chance to finally go out and do more fun things, I LIVE for it. 

This past week was a really fun week for me. Started my week with the the Holy Trinity in Mass, attended blogger networking events in Dallas and had a celebratory dinner with the boyfriend!


For mass, I kept it simple. 

Black 'n white. I took this button down from my boyfriend's closet & paired it with my favorite ripped, high-rise black jeans. After tucking the shirt in, I wanted to secure everything in place & used a dark brown belt I got from Target. I love the bronze square buckle - I think it really put the whole outfit together. I know it's a little fall-esk but I was really feelin' the 'fit, okayy.

ootw mass 2.png


I went to a blogger networking event in Dallas hosted by the lovely Rhonda Jenkins of The Skinny Arm. She's always up & about town and I absolutely LOVE that about her. So I finally met with her and other wonderful bloggers & business owners in Dallas & cannot wait to see so much more of them in the future!

Delicate. For the event, I wore a delicate, olive green, satin top. I tucked it into the same black jeans from Sunday. To add a little bit more to the outfit, I decided to use the same belt again to bring the outfit together. And for shoes, I went with taupe heels (would've worn black, but these were the only nice pair I had in the car & thank goodness they weren't some crazy color).


For passing his practical exams before finals & as a reward for being supportive in the whole process, my man took me out for a dinner & a movie (which is honestly a classic).

Basic stripes! That night was pretty chill. I used a basic striped razor back crop top & paired it with these hella distressed denim jeans from Forever 21. Accessories were my favorite parts of this outfit. For shoes, I used my favorite brown sandals I copped from a JCPenny sale years ago (you'll see them in Saturday's outfit - scroll, scroll!)


So I decided to meet more of the bloggers of Dallas for coffee @ SERVE! In addition to meeting up with more wonderful creatives, I also got to meet the owner of this wonderful cafe who was just the absolute sweetest! Everyone was just so lovely & I can't wait to visit again (because who wouldn't come back for those acai bowls???)! And even though it was a bit grey outside, I still had such a wonderful from meeting new friends!

Blue on blue! [Shout out to the boyfriend for letting me borrow another button down] I messily rolled up the sleeves of his Ralph Lauren blue button down & this time, went for another high-rise denim with frayed detailing @ the ankles, and slipped my favorite brown sandals right back on.



Throughout the week, I really gave the same accessories a lot of love. I've always loved the delicate, gold style & incorporated it throughout all my outfits. 

Necklaces: 1) Gold star choker 2.) Gold Miraculous Medal (and yes, it is blessed!)

Bracelets: 1) Wooden saint bracelet (support your local catholic stores!) 2.) Benedictine Blessing Bracelet - Grey; My Saint My Hero

Rings: Custom made from Etsy


I hope that maybe this inspired you even just a little - for those of you having outfit blocks, I feel you! And I pray you all have a blessed & productive week! 

Cheers to a new week full of new outfits! ;)


Toss around some outfit ideas with me! Comment down below ideas, suggestions, or questions! 

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