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August Fashion + Beauty Favorites

August Fashion + Beauty Favorites

If you've caught up on my August lifestyle favorites, then you know life's been crazy (when is it ever not?). I've never been out and about as much as I have been in the month of August. It's been super exciting meeting new friends & just discovering more about how to be better @ all of this.

So here are my F&B loves that really helped me get through August!

[Disclaimer: using any affiliate codes given throughout this post will enable me to receive a small commission. If you chose to use them, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!]

1. Baby Pink Corduroy Jacket

Note: Forever 21 didn’t have this item on their website so I linked this one from :) The one I purchased just doesn’t have that awesome fluffy detailing.

I was going through Forever 21 one day this summer & I stumbled upon the last size small in the entire store. I've been eyeing a piece like this for about a year now & just never found the right reason to really purchase it. So I figured, if I found it in the midst of all the mess it was in and it was the last of its kind, OF COURSE I HAD TO COP. I went straight to the register & made her mine.

So think “Classic Denim Jacket” but replace that denim with baby pink corduroy. The fabric is light enough that I'm not dying in the late summer heat but also heavy enough that it keeps me warm upon entering the freezing lecture halls of university. The color is exactly the hue my heart longed for which made it my favorite transition piece into early September.


2. Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit Running Shoes

I bought these (black & grey ones) on sale @ the mall for about $90 during the holidays last year. These babies were definitely a lot tighter in the beginning but after wearing them in for a bit, these became the comfiest & more durable shoes I have ever owned. The straps are adjustable so if you’re worried that your foot may not fit, the straps loosen the shoe as a whole so it’s not so restricting.

3. Kora Fitness Ambassador Pullover

Since I’ve got a new puppy, I’ve been waking up super early to let him out. It gets rather chilly in the morning so I’ve been putting this on most mornings & just chillin’ with it on for the rest of the day inside the house. It’s actually super cozy & soft (thank goodness because it was definitely on the pricier side).

If you’d like to help a charity of your choice - explore Kora Fitness & use ‘MKORA15’ for 15% off your entire purchase! I chose Charity : Water for when I purchased this pullover :)

4. Moonstone Ring

I love a good moonstone ring. I ordered a custom made one from one of my favorite Etsy shops a few months back & have been loving it. Kara, the Esty shop owner really made my experience a lovely one. She made sure that I got the ring that I wanted & corresponded with me accordingly. She makes such beautiful work & I hope you find something you love like I did!

5. Nails Inc Superfood Repair Oil (for nails)

Saying that this oil has helped my nails is an understatement.

I've always had dry, brittle nails and it can get really annoying, getting my nails caught in my clothes & hair @ the most inconvenient times. But after applying this every other day, I've really witnessed a change in my nails. They're definitely a lot stronger & less dry. I usually have to apply a protective top coat on my nails to keep them strong but now I don't have to! My nails just look & feel a lot healthier!!! P.S. I got the last bottle @ Sephora the day I went and so of course, I just had to cop.


6. Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil

So, I saw that they were giving away free samples on their website & I decided to try their “dark circles + uneven skin” bundle. This was one of the products that was sent to me and I could not wait to try it. When I finally did, it certainly did not disappoint.

I’ve been using this little dude every other night this month to hydrate & calm my skin for bedtime & yes, yes, yes – it’s been doing the job perfectly. I’m sad that it’s almost out & definitely glad that I jumped on the samples. If you have room in your beauty budget this September, I highly recommend purchasing this product (OR COP THE FREE SAMPLES. You only have to pay shipping, fam).

The weather is getting cooler here in Texas & that dry skin isn’t going to smell like roses all on its own! ;)


7. Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Stick (Quickie)

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this product because it just seemed so dark in the packaging. I wasn’t sure if it would look good with my skin tone but after applying it, my thoughts shifted. It gave off a subtle (but rather buildable) and glowy plum tint on my cheeks that I actually REALLY loved. Longevity wise, it pretty much lasts all day on my normal to oily skin. It also works well with deeper skin tones which is a plus and gives a you a dewey look which I loved rockin' this summer!

8. Milk Make Up Liquid Strobe (Beam - Gold)

What initially intrigued me about this product was the packaging. I just had to see how it applied, y’know? The roller ball trend has recently come back from my childhood (even though they’ve always existed in products such as perfumes/colognes) and I think I’m here for its return.

Overall, the product itself was great on my skin - smooth @ first and over time, rather tacky (probably due to the gold specks which personally did not mind because it held up through the day). But definitely apply it quickly or you’ll have sparkles in places you don’t want to have them.

Highly recommend it for the cheeks but not the lids (unless a not-so-neat gold lid is the look you’re going for).


What were you favorites in the month of August? Comment below & tell me! I’m always down to try new products!

I hope this month’s F&B faves inspired you a little bit to try something new!

Until next time! Stay fab, fam ;)


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