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2018 Beauty Favorites

2018 Beauty Favorites

Even before I started blogging, I loved to test out products. And now that I actually do blog, I’ve found more of a reason to explore products (yay for me, sucks for my wallet)!
I’ve pretty much been a drugstore beauty girl for as long as I can remember. First of all, it doesn’t break the bank (as badly) and secondly, I believe in not knocking something until you try it! The drugstore has so many great quality products, you just have to look and discover for yourself!

Here’s what beauty products I discovered and absolutely loved in 2018!

burt’s bees mama bee body oil ($) + human+kind body oil ($$)

2018 was my year for body oils - face, body, hair, all of it. I’ve always used oil for my hair to take care of my frizz and to maintain a smooth texture but it had never occurred to me that I’d enjoy (and reap the benefits from) using oil products on my face and body! These are the top two face + body oils that I’ve interchangeably been applying that have left me moisturized & feeling my best!


np beauty voluminizing spray ($$)

The longer my hair grows, the heavier it becomes and that means the top of my head ends up lookin’ like a vast plain with absolutely no volume or lift whatsoever. It’s annoying.

But I started applying this hair spray after showers and letting my hair air dry and I actually saw a difference throughout the day. Definitely didn’t hold my hair for the whole day because my hair is just so long at the moment, but the first few hours were filled with definite volume & scents of coconut goodness! Imagine the results if I actually blow dried instead of just air drying (definitely trying that this year so I’ll keep you all posted)!!!


wet n wild color icon blush - mellow wine ($)

Wet n Wild has never let me down. I’ve been purchasing their products ever since I started really using make up (which was high school & I’ve graduated from uni now - so it’s been years). They’ve honestly never let me down with their products. I’ve purchased many blushes in my 20 something years & I always come back to peachy shades. I’m a Filipina & I do have morena skin tone, meaning I have a tan glow to my skin and this peachy blush just makes me look even more sun-kissed and alive.


milani stellar lights highlighter palette - rose glow ($)

Loooove my glow. I just gotta have it! I used this palette ALL throughout the summer and Milani never fails me with how pigmented their products are; it’s out of this world! Literally! ;)


colourpop matte lux lipstick - third eye ($)

Ordered these during Cyber Monday sales when they were less than $4 each. Less than $4… I wasn’t surprised that the more popular lippies were sold out. Surprisingly, this one wasn’t and I’m sooo glad it wasn’t because I think I’ve found another nude!!! The texture is so creamy and my personally, my lips have never dried from it even if it is a ‘matte’ formulated product.


wet n wild ultimate brow kit - ash brown ($)

I wasn’t expecting much from this particular product at first and only really purchased it with the intention of putting it my emergency makeup bag. But then I had an actual emergency and it was the morning after a night out with friends, my brows were pretty much gone & I was not about to go out lookin’ like trash on my way home.

To my surprise, the primer wasn’t too tacky or shiny, so I didn’t need to mattify oily lookin’ brows. The powders were so pigmented and the applicator. Oh, the applicator! That thing was great & precise that I application was a BREEZE.

Note: I’ve got a petite face & I like my brows to compliment that shape, so it doesn’t take too much time for me to do brows. If you like your brows thick, the applicator might not be the right fit for you. Still, the product is still so great though.
In the image below, I also used this brow kit!


kiss lashes ($-$$)

Yes, the lashes everyone has been asking me about! These are the lashes that I stumbled upon at my local CVS! Definitely shouldn’t have been in there in the first place but hey, these sets were on sale and I snagged the rest that were left in the store (sorry, not sorry). If you don’t like too much lash weighing your lid down, the pairs that come in sets aren’t too heavy, I recommend them any day of the year :)


Wow, so choosing these items were actually really hard for me. There were several products in the same category that I also really loved but these were definitely my favorite (not to mention- my most used) for 2018. These products have definitely made an impression on me and I know they’re products I know I’ll still be reaching for this year!


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