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My name is Marr! I'm a Filipina-American blogger just trying to figure out life. I hope you join me on my quest to discover a happier, healthier & enjoyable one. Whether that’s a new podcast, beauty product, or bars in Dallas - I’d love for you to tag along in my thoughts & adventures with me!

Know the Blogger: More on Marr

Know the Blogger: More on Marr

I've decided to continue the 'Know the Blogger' series! So I asked you all & I definitely received. So here are 5 random facts about your blogger!

6.   I'm obsessed... with The Sims.

I can let my imagination run wild for hours without end. Building & renovating homes are my favorite things to do. I wanted to be an interior designer when I was a little girl, I guess it never went away... Watching Deligracy and The Sim Supply on Youtube are one of my favorite ways to get ideas on builds & landscaping. I don't really care if people think I'm odd for spending hours on it. It's therapeutic for me & I'll enjoy playing it with my grandchildren when I'm old & wrinkled.

7.   I'm a kora fitness Ambassador & Rice Love Advocate.

I've always believed in giving back. And these days, there's always new ways to do that. As consumers, we can spend a lot of money on our guilty pleasures so why not give back while you're doing it!? What a concept, right!?

The following brands have missions to better others' lives.

Kora Fitness strives to encourage their "customers to be the best version of themselves in and out of the gym" by enabling you to choose between 4 different charities to give back to for each item you purchase. These charities include:

If you'd like a 15% discount on your entire purchase, use MKORA15  at checkout!

Rice Love is a company that gives 1 kilo of rice to a family in India with each purchase. After reading about their mission, I felt that it was a brand that I would love to represent. For 20% off, enter the code OHMYMARR at checkout!


 [Disclaimer: Selecting links & using the provided discount codes will allow me to receive a small commission from each purchase. If you choose to support me through them, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!]

8. I've Always wanted to pilot a Helicopter.

It's ironic because I can be scared of heights... But I love flying & gliding through the air at the highest I can go. It makes no sense to me at all because I'm definitely not one to call myself an adrenaline junkie. But yes, I've always wanted to pilot a helicopter. I can only imagine what the world feels like from one. I hope one day I'll get to.

9. I'm all about celebrating everything.

All holidays. Birthdays. Baptisms. Confirmations. Weddings. Pets. Graduations. Babies. New jobs. House warmings. Home comings or Farewells & new chapters. I LOVE IT ALL. If there is something to celebrate, I'm always down. Why not? Life's a party! What better way than to constantly celebrate those you love & the friends that surround you!?

10. If I could choose between the City or the Country...

The city will always win- preferably a city by the beach. So yes, pretty much somewhere in California. There's always something going on in a city, always new foods to try, new art to see, new music to watch & listen to, cool places to explore, dozens of pictures to take- it all just makes my heart so happy. Cities are a great place for anyone who's naturally curious about everything. Life is too short to not explore the world around you.


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I hope your day is as lovely as you are!

I hope your day is as lovely as you are!

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My Blogger Bag

My Blogger Bag

Know the Blogger: Who is Marr?

Know the Blogger: Who is Marr?