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My name is Marr! I'm a Filipina-American blogger just trying to figure out life. I hope you join me on my quest to discover a happier, healthier & enjoyable one. Whether that’s a new podcast, beauty product, or bars in Dallas - I’d love for you to tag along in my thoughts & adventures with me!

My Blogger Bag

My Blogger Bag

I kind of hate myself for publishing this but I also kind of really don't because I love 'what's in my bag' stuff. These items may be obvious to many but I figured some one out there is struggling to get their blogger bits together. One person is as significant as the next and so I figured it would be worth it. It's been about a month now since OH MY MARR has launched & I've learned that I need certain things to help with productivity as a writer.

I've lived on campus & I've been a commuter as well so I know a little bit about how much it sucks to leave something hours away from you. And over the years, I've learned that it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to being prepared for trips.

Whether you prefer writing at home, at a cafe, near some body of water, or always on the go, it's nice to be prepared when creativity strikes. So if you're new to this thing too and you have almost everything figured out but can't seem to put those blogger bits together, take a peak at what's in my blogger bag! 

When I'm...

Stayin' to chill

1. Laptop +   phone

Pretty self explanatory. Now all I need is wifi!

2. Laptop Charger +    Portable Charger

It's one thing if either my laptop or phone run out of battery, but both!? Unless I'm only jotting down ideas, I'd have to go home & continue drafting there so I have to make sure I have these

3. Earphones

Let's be honest. Sometimes you like the atmosphere but you may need to be left alone, y'know? It's nothing personal, a girl's just gotta werk. ;)

4. Ring Light

Your surroundings could be pure trash but if you capture angles with the right light, there's hope for all of us ;)

5. Back to Basics: Paper & Pen

Basics can go a long way. I use my phone sometimes for ideas but usually, writing things down helps me organize my thoughts better. Here's a link to my favorite pens, too. They really get the creative juices flowing & they write oh-so smoothly :)

6.  My Polaroid Camera

It's incredibly bulky but I never regret the pictures I get to come home with when I can.

7. Planner

I spoke about this planner in my Lifestyle Favorites June 2018 post. I may not be able to get everything on my to-do list checked off on some days, but it's been helpful in visualizing my goals each time.

8. Healthy Snacks & H2O

Gotta have water & some healthy snacks to fuel my mind! In addition to being the most complex organ in the human body, our brains also consume A LOT of energy as well which means we have to try our best to fuel it with healthy foods!

On the Go

1.  Phone=  Planner + Note Taking App

For non-paper organization, I use Google Keep !!! It's so handy & it's completely free!

2. Ballpoint Pen

Sometimes I don't have time to take out my whole notebook or even unlock my phone. Each second counts when inspiration strikes. So I grab my pen & jot it down on my arm.

3. Portable Charger

4.  Snacks / H2O

5. Ring Light

6.  Ballpoint Pen

I'm pretty scatter brained so I need to be a little extra with my planning. Because of this simple fact, it takes all of me to do just that so when I do, I end up packing like the apocalypse is gonna hit us tomorrow. It's ridiculous, but das meee.
I hope this was kind of helpful or if not, I hope you enjoyed it anyway :)

Happy writing, babes!


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