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My Sorority Experience

My Sorority Experience

Hello, hello! And Welcome to my blog :)

So I rushed into the Gamma Class of the Delta Chapter about 3 years ago during my sophomore year & recently entered alumni status Spring of 2018. During my time as an active member, I have been elected as Treasurer, Chaplain, and Parliamentarian - all of which I have really enjoyed. Rushing for Mu Epsilon Theta was one of the best decisions of my college career. I learned a lot about myself, others and my faith. As a proud alumni, I'm super excited to share my experience with you all!

Because I know I won't be able to stop myself from going on & on about it all, here are 9 things I loved about rushing Roman!

1. It Brought me closer to my Catholic faith.

In addition to the friends I'd already made at the Catholic Center and FOCUS Missions, I was elated to find yet another group of women who shared the same values as I did. Being able to attend meetings & Bible studies together, pray with one another, go to Mass together & ultimately just live life through faith every week along side one another brought me such joy. It's really nice to have others keep you accountable in your faith life and I loved that.

2. Charter Perks: A Close-knit Community

Because there were not many of us, the Delta charter hadn't received her chapter status yet. But small doesn't always mean bad. And we were able to improve our charter because of it. It was also a lot less daunting to connect with each other because of how many active members there were.

3. Cheaper Dues

The price point for dues was definitely a perk. It wasn't at all anywhere near thousands of dollars! So I definitely didn't feel like I was wasting any money!

4. It Enriched My Leadership Skills

Being a Mu provided me with opportunities to take on officer positions & to really improve my leadership skills. And because I ran for Chaplain several times, I really learned how to confidently speak about my faith with others.

5. Sisterhood Events

I loved going to events! I always enjoyed my time with my sisters, whatever it was we planned to do. Not only did we hold social events, we also volunteered as an organization throughout the city! Choosing to become an active member really gave me a sense of community. And for an introvert like myself, I really needed that.

Mu Epsilon Theta National Catholic Sorority, Delta Chapter - Initiation Fall 2017

Mu Epsilon Theta National Catholic Sorority, Delta Chapter - Initiation Fall 2017

6. Being Involved in the Growth of the Delta Chapter

We were really able to work together to  build the foundation of our Delta charter. So witnessing the transition from charter to chapter status was extremely rewarding & I am so proud to have contributed to my sisterhood's growth. ;)

S/o to you, Bey if you're reading this. The Deltas love & thank you!!!

7. Study Buddies in Different Fields

Though I know that talking about things can improve learning, sometimes it can be a bit tiring to hear the same things talked about over & over again- especially if you've been hearing it from your professors all day, y'know? So you can imagine how refreshing it was to learn about what my sisters were studying as well. 

Just because I chose one major & minor to study, doesn't mean I should stop learning about other things too, right?

8.  Being a Big Sis

I've never had a little sister before so having this relationship actually meant a lot to me. The fun part is that my little & I are actually quite similar and I freaking love that about us.

S/o to my Little for always being fabulous. Ugh, she's great!

This is my Little Samantha ;)

This is my Little Samantha ;)

9.  Networking with sisters from Other Chapters

Meeting other women from other chapters has been really fun, too!!! It's so fun to see how similar but very different they carry their chapter events. It's really cool connecting with other women from different chapters & talking about faith lives. Even though each person is walking their own path, we have Mu Epsilon Theta in common & most especially our faith. It's amazing how God crosses our paths!

For anyone thinking of rushing a sisterhood and still unsure about it, do your research, girl. Reach out to other women who are part of a sorority that you like & never be afraid to ask questions!

ALSO pray about it! God knows your heart. If you give it all to Him, He'll bless you immensely.


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