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Finding My Sisterhood

Finding My Sisterhood

At my freshman orientation, I was the most excited about attending the organization fair. And everyone was pretty much on the same boat (I think as freshman, we all just wanted to bask in the freedom to choose whatever activities we wanted to take part in). So when it was finally time to browse university orgs, I kind of went liiittle overboard.

I'd given my name to anything catholic and all the science related clubs. Of course I checked out FSA (Filipino Student Organization) & ASA (Asian Student Association); I even checked out some of the arts groups just for fun. Then, I came across Greek life. I was shook. They had an entire section of the building all to themselves- one side of the hall had tables for sisterhoods & the other side had ones for brotherhoods. I think this area was the most crowded; it was crazy!

I walked toward the sorority tables and from there, I fed my curiosity as much as I could. The women at the tables that I'd gone up to were very nice & informative. They talked about things like philanthropies, networking opportunities, and social events. I suddenly found myself wanting to be a part of it.

Listening to them answer questions from other students, it seemed to me that some of the bad things I'd heard about joining weren't actually true at all concerning grades. Each sisterhood spoke about GPA requirements that needed to be met each semester for a student to remain in good standing. Required activity hours were needed to satisfied towards the sisterhood's unique philanthropy. And of course, as a freshman, the most appealing bits concerned the events that an active member could attend when in good standing. So really, if I wanted to be a part of a sisterhood, I'd have to keep my grades up and really stay involved. 

To be quite honest, I think the only thing that stopped me from rushing Panhellenic Greek life were the dues. I would not dare burden my family (or myself) with thousands of dollars of unnecessary debt just so I could do any of these things. I could volunteer for free on my own time toward any cause I wanted, not just one, I could reach out to others & network at free events on my own. And concerning social events, I could be spending that time with my family or with friends I make in the next 4 years (that's a long time)!

Later on, I discovered that there were non-Panhellenic sororities that weren't as expensive and were less demanding of my time. So I did my research (in the next paragraph we realize that my research wasn't as thorough as I'd thought it to be), met with more people, and still could not find a sisterhood that really spoke to who I was as a person.

So I decided that rushing was a want and it wasn't something I necessarily needed for my college experience to be a wholesome one.

For anyone interested in joining a sisterhood- Panhellenic or not, I advice you to really think about what you want out of your university experience and what you need from that experience to grow into the best version of yourself. If Panhellenic Greek life is something you truly want to explore, look into their philanthropies. During rush week, really reach out and try to connect with as many women as you can.

If you find that Greek life isn't for you or because of other reasons can't rush, there are so many other great kinds of organizations that are as fun & great for making connections!

1. Faith groups & Bible Studies

2.Fraternities/ organizations in your career path or major

3. groups  that explore a different culture

4.Hobby/ interest/ competitive groups

5. Volunteer organizations

I was disappointed I couldn't participate but I had my grades to maintain & other activities on campus to entertain any social need so I was actually pretty fine. During my freshman year I sought out Bible study with FOCUS & became very engaged with my faith life. I ran for officer positions in a pre-health profession organization which enhanced my leadership skills & provided me with relevant networking opportunities. I was beginning to become a woman I could be proud of.

It wasn't until I went to a Bible study during my sophomore year that I crossed paths with Ruth. She was so kind and though she didn't speak much at first, through the words she did speak, really touched my heart & mind. She was quiet, but I could feel that her spirit was strong & that her relationship with God was something she held with all her heart. As I was leaving for study, I remember Ruth leaving with a tote that had the Greek letters for Mu Epsilon Theta. Something inside me jumped for a second, then it was gone all at once.

That same week, I decided to go to my university catholic center's Mass & Meal Thursday. A girl was handing out flyers that read the same letters on Ruth's bag. 

I give God my whole heart everyday because I know that I am treasured & truly loved by Him. So I continue to seek His love, mercy, and guidance and always welcome His will for my life. I truly believe that God gives you the desires of your heart (a reoccurring theme through this blog). Because that night I found out that Mu Epsilon Theta National Catholic Sorority was rushing the following week...

May the Holy Spirit always be with you brothers & sisters!


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An excerpt from 'My Sorority Experience'. Published July 25, 2018.

An excerpt from 'My Sorority Experience'. Published July 25, 2018.

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My Sorority Experience

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