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Know the Blogger: Introducing Haru

Know the Blogger: Introducing Haru

Now I already know what you all may be thinking... First, she set up the instagram and now she's featuring him on her blog!? Marr's gone mad!
Well, y'know what!? Maybe, so. But I just love a lot, alright? 

I love talking & writing about everything, hence the existence of this blog. So I decided to do a fun, middle of the week post for everyone.

I felt such overwhelming love when I looked at my puppy this morning. It's definitely an incredible experience to know & to love a pet and I thought it'd be a pleasant share.

For the past 4 years, I've been away attending university. I'd come home but go away for several weeks or even months at a time. I can't imagine what it must've been like for Haru while his favorite playmate was away. I'm not one to brag, (but I'm gonna do it anyway), I'm definitely Haru's alpha. Everyone in my family knows this (sorry, Mom). And as alpha, I know Haru like the back of my hand. This upcoming fall, I'll be able to spend much more time with my baby & that fills my heart with so much joy.

As another part of the 'Know the Blogger' series, I am pleased to introduce to you, Haru.

The majestic Haru. PC: Dong Park, the boyfriend.

The majestic Haru. PC: Dong Park, the boyfriend.

Meet my best friend, my favorite, my baby, my life- meet Haru. He's 8 years old but will always be my little puppy. He was given to my family about 6 years ago. The previous owners said he's a poodle mix but sometimes I feel like he's a breed on his own... No really... I don't know what it is, but I find that most Koreans have Harus in their homes... It's rather odd. Any-who, let's get it, let's goo!

5 Things About Haru

1. He Doesn't Shed!

He doesn't shed at all! He has a poodle's coat and it's the best thing ever. The only downside is that his coat can't get too long because it starts to mat so we get him professionally groomed before any of that mess happens.

2. He loves to cuddle... In the most uncomfortable positions.

I would spend so much time creating comfy spots for him but he finds a way to squeeze into the tiniest spaces against you & the wall. If there's no wall, he'll make himself comfortable on your lap, whether you like it or not. I think it's the funniest thing. 

3. Haru is Potty Trained!

Haru is a such a quick learner. It only took about 2 weeks for him to really understand where to go potty at his new home. Consistency was the most important part of his training and now he knows what time he needs to go: first thing in the morning, noon, 4-5 pm & 10 pm. What a good boy! :)

4. He knows how to Sit, Lay & Roll over.

We're currently trying to teach him how to 'shake' but I think he's having a harder time understanding what we want him to do because of the simple fact that he's getting older. But I believe in Haru, I know he can do it!

5. Big Dog Complex

He thinks he's a guard dog. The poor thing has no idea he's tiny and so if he sees a dog that's bigger than him, size does not matter and he will try to protect at all cost. Haru may be small, but I know he has the biggest heart for his family and we feel the same way about him. 

we Love you Haru!

xoxo - Mama

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