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I Tried Vlogmas // 5 Lessons Learned

I Tried Vlogmas // 5 Lessons Learned

Last December, I attempted Vlogmas.
Ya’ll it was a struggle. I’d planned content for the whole month and created scheduled posts for each Vlogmas week. I thought I’d had everything all set and ready to go. It turned out that Vlogmas was a project that I hadn’t quite prepared enough for.

So I’m here to share with you things I learned from epically failing Vlogmas (woops)!

get enough content + have space

Getting enough content was one challenge that I didn’t even know I could have problems with. My thought process was: all I have to do is film this and I’m good. A simple concept but when I finally came home after my first blogger event of the month, I was shocked to find less than 5 minutes of video content that was editable. So keep that camera on & filming, no matter how crappy some parts might be, you can always add something editing magic to it later!

And because you’re leaving your camera to film, make sure you have an extra memory card/space (and battery pack) for your chosen device so if you’re really on you filming game, you have something to fall back on!


use calendars + know your daily schedule

This was one of the things I did that actually really helped me. I’ve always been the type to use planners & reminders for events so it wasn’t so hard for me this time around. I made sure to know my schedule the day before. I got to really think about which parts of my day I needed to film which helped a lot when it finally came down to it. Knowing an overview of my day helped with spacing my time for filming outfits or get ready with me’s and getting to venues early to film before everyone arrived (for sound purposes).


have your set-ups ready to go

I don’t have the best filming space. My room has always been a mess ever since I moved from my apartment from university and there’s absolutely no room for nicer, new furniture. So if you’re one of the lucky ones that don’t have this problem YAY! Because it’ll be easy for you to create open space to film, take shots of outfits or products, etc.

If you’re filming a get ready with me, make sure you make time to get your camera set up ready if you’ve got somewhere time sensitive to go. Whether you’re filming in your bathroom, bedroom, in your car, make sure you have time and all the parts for your set-up ready to go (lights, tripod & parts, products, outfits to change into).


invest in a good video editing software

Not going to lie. I truly didn’t have enough money to invest in a good video editing software.
I decided that I wanted to use my Samsung Galaxy S9+ to film my vlogs and so I thought it would be a great idea to just edit on my phone. I used the Adobe Clip application but I wasn’t really able to add the text styles I wanted or make my days transition onto the next the way that I’d envisioned. Music was also another story - I was able to add music but I would grow frustrated with the fact that it wasn’t on a desktop screen and so I pretty much gave up on it.

This year, I’ll be investing in a video editing software that I’ll actually be able to use on my laptop so I don’t rage quit halfway through any project. I’m still doing some research but here’s some that I’ve come across that might fit my video editing needs.

VEGAS Movie Studio 15 Platinum
VEGAS Movie Studio 15 Suite
Pinnacle Studio
Adobe Premier Pro CC

The first two options are what appeals to me more in terms of need and pricing. I personally don’t have the budget to be investing in a software on a monthly basis but if you do, Adobe has many great options!


practice vlogging before

Practice, practice, practice! Get on your Instagram stories/IGTV or Snapchat and just film on a regular basis so that you’re used to filming consistently and out in public. I didn’t think I’d needed more practice than I did but after forgetting to film on & off throughout the month, I think it would be a good idea to make it a goal to capture more video content throughout the year just to prepare myself more for the consistency needed for Vlogmas 2019.

Side note: building your vlogger skills will help you to move your camera around at a better speed during longer periods of filming. I would capture nice, long vlogs but then editing would be suuuuch work because my hand would be moving wayy too quickly for my camera to focus properly for each frame. In this case, quality over quantity, friends.

Even though this particular project didn’t turn out the way I’d imagined it to, I’m still so glad that I tried. I’m hoping that next year’s Vlogmas will be better and I hope that maybe you’ll Vlogmas with me too!
Happy New Year, everyone! 2019 is going to be full of new projects and collaborations, I know it!


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