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How I Pray An Active Rosary

How I Pray An Active Rosary

So I was sitting in my room the other day, organizing (as usual) when I stumbled upon my little pouch of Rosaries. It suddenly occurred to me that we’re almost halfway through October, the month of the Holy Rosary in the Catholic Church & I had yet to post anything about it!

During the early years of my life, I’d only prayed the Holy Rosary prayer several times. To be quite honest, I didn’t quite feel any connection with Jesus or Mary through it when I was in high school. I thought the repetition was tedious and yes, I felt a little guilty for feeling that way but for the life of me, I just didn’t know how to make it work. Still, in my heart, I knew it was important that I did. Back then, no one really explained their own experiences with the prayer and so I didn’t know how to go about realizing my relationship with Jesus through Mary.

Soon after being Confirmed (I was Confirmed late), I left for college and that was when my prayer life truly changed. I started following Christ on my own and soon He crossed my path with faithful souls, lit with the Holy Spirit. He led me to the small catholic community on campus, eventually introducing me to FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) and their ministry. I got really involved with FOCUS missionaries and the catholic sorority on campus, leading me closer and closer to Him.
I’d attend weekly Bible studies, lead by different missionaries - one of them, actually helped to reintroduce the Holy Rosary back into my life.

Throughout this part of my spiritual growth, my relationship with the Trinity was strengthened because my relationship with Mary grew. Everyday, she continues to inspire me to say ‘yes’ to whatever God wills in my life, always helping to lead me towards sainthood.

So here’s something I’ve put together for you to help you to actively pray the Holy Rosary, too! So you can experience all its goodness, too. :)

tips to actively pray the holy rosary

Try to find some quiet.
Prayer is for anywhere, at any time, while you’re feeling whatever feelings you may be feeling. But it really does help to step away from the noise of the world & to find quiet.
Imagine very special guests are coming for dinner and your house is a mess. You’d want to tidy up & create a welcoming space for everyone to gather in, right? Well, finding quiet (however/wherever that may be) and clearing your mind is kind of the same thing. It will truly allow you to open your heart and your ears to what is really being said during prayer.

Or pray with others.
Praying with a community is a great way to keep yourself accountable in your faith life! Form a small group & share your prayer intentions and sent those prayers up together.

for one decade, dedicate one of these!

Have you noticed that the Hail Mary prayer is mostly praying for others? Think about those close to you, those who aren’t, and/or those you have yet to meet & crossed paths with.
A simple formula I use to pray for others is:
Person + Problem + Solution
An example with be: “Lord, I dedicate this decade to my friend, who is struggling to find a job. I pray that you please guide her towards what she needs. Mother Mary, please pray for my friend.”
And I would say this after the Lord’s prayer, at the beginning of each decade (before the first Hail Mary).

Grace, courage, strength, faith, hope, love, wisdom. These are all examples of virtues that you can ask to be strengthened & to be guided in.

Peace & Forgiveness
*what I often pray for*The world struggles with these everyday. The world lacks peace within societies & individuals and forgiveness is lacking in the same way. There is always room for more peace & forgiveness in the world. Ask for an abundance because we need it.

Our Mother Mary probably (definitely) had the most important vocation of all. So I feel like she knows a little bit (a lot) about answering God’s call to a vocation. Sometimes we just don’t know what to do with our lives. But remember, each one of us is meant for something.
Pray for guidance to keep moving forward.


General Information About The Holy Rosary

  1. October is the month of The Holy Rosary.

  2. The Holy Rosary is one of the most treasured of prayers in the Catholic Church. It’s a way to connect with Jesus through His mother, Mary. Just like asking for others to pray for you, it’s a way for us to ask her for intercession. What better example of how to love Christ than the woman chosen to bear him into the world! :)

  3. Rosary beads are used as tools to keep track of prayers throughout each Mystery. You can recite this form of prayer without physical Rosary beads & use substitutes to keep track (examples: Fingers, Rosary bracelets, tally marks on a paper). The important part is to be active throughout it.

  4. There is a total of 4 Mysteries of the Rosary: Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous, each containing 5 decades reflecting upon important moments in the life of Jesus Christ while also honoring His mother Mary.

  5. One Mystery of the Holy Rosary Prayer contains 5 decades (10 Hail Mary prayers each) beginning with the Lord’s prayer (Our Father prayer).

    more on the holy rosary + Helpful links

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my rosary pouch

As someone who is visually inspired, aesthetics helps me to calm my spirit before prayers. Each of the Rosaries I always carry with me have been blessed several times & have been used for prayer many, many times. Having a Rosary with me really helps me handle my anxiety (or any negative feelings) throughout the day and so later on, I decided that I’d have more for others to use. I feel more at ease when I know that one is within reach and it’s nice when you have a few extras for others to use if ever someone’s forgotten theirs.

With all that goes on in my life or how cluttered my purse may get, I always make sure to have my little prayer pouch with me (and you should too!).

Upper left hand corner: Decade marker (from Etsy). I use it to help me start where I left off if ever I have to pause. In addition, I also keep a small 'how to pray the Rosary' paper to remind myself of the Mysteries & decades.

Upper left hand corner: Decade marker (from Etsy). I use it to help me start where I left off if ever I have to pause. In addition, I also keep a small 'how to pray the Rosary' paper to remind myself of the Mysteries & decades.


Whether you’re a practicing catholic or not, I hope you were able to take something positive from this post to grow closer to Peace. Wishing you all a restful Sunday & a productive week!

If you have any prayer requests, you are so welcome to post a comment below so that others and myself can send those intentions up!


click below to read more about my catholic journey!

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