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10 Essentials @ Dollar Tree (College Edition)

10 Essentials @ Dollar Tree (College Edition)

(Disclaimer: this is not sponsored by Dollar Tree.) (But I wish it was.)

As a college student, one place I happen to hold very dear & close to my heart is the dollar store.

No, I don't mean Dollar General or Family Dollar, I mean DOLLAR TREE.

Because unlike all the other stores that claim everything is just $1, at Dollar Tree, everything is ACTUALLY JUST A DOLLAR. From kitchenware to party supplies, to office necessities to candy & snacks. It's the most magical thing there ever was to everyone on a budget.
Even though the general idea is that you get what you pay for sometimes, there are plenty of items worth purchasing at Dollar Tree and I'm here to help you. So here are the 10 necessities I actually invest in at my local Dollar Tree.

Top 10 Necessities @ Dollar Tree

(College Student Edition)

1. Soaps & Cleaning Supplies

Hand soaps, dish soaps, and floor cleaners at the dollar store are actually pretty good & serve their purpose well. Sponges, kitchen towels, dusters & mops that you'll dispose of eventually are also available for you to purchase. Not only do you have to keep yourself presentable to the world, but your college apartment can now be kept clean on a budget!

2. Kitchenware

No, not the knives. They rust. Find sturdy plastic ware in this section instead. Plates & glassware are also available & have served me well for what I needed them for during my undergrad. Remember, feel the product & work it back & forth to check for sturdiness. If it's a pass, head over to the cashier and check out!

3. Disposable Plates, Cups & Utensils

College means parties & kickbacks (a lot of them). Why spend a bunch of money on the disposables when we all know you're probably gonna need it for the beverages? ;) 

4. Candy, Snacks & Drinks

Going to the movies or hosting a party soon? Who needs to go to the theater & spend $5 on skittles when you can get 5 bags of skittles for $5?! Or buy soda for more than you need to for that watch party you're planning? C'mon now.

5. Dental Care & Feminine Products

Toothbrushes, Colgate toothpaste, & floss for a $1 each? Heck yeah! Who needs to spend $10 when you can find what you need for less than $5 and for my fellow ladies - you can use the rest of that coin on products for that special time of the month. I highly suggest just purchasing liners though & recommend you go to an actual grocery store/pharmacy for tampons.

6. Party Decorations

Seasons come with their own themes and for those who like to set themes for their get-togethers, Dollar Tree is the best place if you're low on cash & need to get supplies for that kickback tomorrow.

7. Office Supplies & Cards

A lot of people overlook the office section. There are mechanical pencils & pens, markers, notebooks, posters and even teacher supplies for a dollar each! During the year, when you run out, just go to the dollar store. For the traditional paper & pen note-takers, supplies can be pricey so here's the alternative. 
And if you forget to get your bff a birthday card, cards are $1 for 2! How amazing is that!?

[NOTE: During school supply shopping season, stores like Walmart do have office supplies (notebooks, pencils, pens, etc.) for MUCH cheaper. So if you're not in a hurry, definitely go to Wally world first, then Dollar Tree. Or maybe the dollar section at Target.]

8. Dog & Cat Toys

Our best buddies need a little gift sometimes & the dollar store might just have the toy you're looking for. In the past I've spent some good money on toys for my pup but he loves his dollar toys just as much and they're still in good shape. 

[NOTE: My dog is a small toy poodle mix. If you have bigger dogs, I do not recommend getting toys from here, because they will definitely tear it up quick.]

9. Candles

Candles are a thing. And the ones at Dollar Tree actually diffuse nicely when you light them up. So try one, find out if the scent you're interested in is actually good (because sometimes there may be duds) and if it works out, stock up!

10. Beauty

Last but definitely not least, the Dollar Tree beauty aisle has great finds from hair accessories & tools to makeup & nail products. I personally like to spend on quality brands for my makeup & skincare so I don't purchase any face products from here. Don't get me wrong though, I've tried the $1 lippies and those babies are PIGMENTED. So don't knock it 'til you try it because you just might find a staple. 

I hope this helps even just a little on your next Dollar Tree trip!


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