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Back on Track: Healthy Living

Back on Track: Healthy Living

I don't know about you all, but my diet hasn't exactly been complimentary with my fitness goals this summer (woops). But that's OK. Healthy is a lifestyle and life isn't 'perfect' all the time; we've all had dips in life where we become uninspired to pursue a goal. I know, it sucks. It's cool though because I know we can help each other get back on track!

If you've done your research, you've probably heard or have read this many times before:


I've learned that they really are. 

Often times, people struggle with pursuing a healthy lifestyle because they want instant results. Some of you who may be reading this may be the most patient person out of your friend group; congrats boo- that's half the battle! But see, I'm talkin' to the ones who aren't. No, I'm not being shady, I know. Because I was like that too. 

The first time I worked out, I was hype ya'll. And by 'hype' I mean, I squatted like 5 sets & the next day, I actually thought my booty was poppin'. 

Childish. Because no, it was not and the only thing that probably actually were, were my knee caps (because my form sucked).

It took me a really long time to implement a healthy diet to actually get results. On top of that, being a student has taken me even longer to maintain the healthy diet I desired. Finding balance can be hard because sometimes we make the small decisions seem like the biggest hassle there ever was. So let's change that. 

Make healthy FUN!

And there's so many ways that you can you that! It's really all about how much you know yourself. Here are some ways that I inspire myself to live a fun & healthy life.

1. I love fashion. So  I inspire myself with that.

In the past, I would have trouble inspiring myself to get out of my house & go to the gym. Stocking up on cute, flattering active wear has definitely helped. Fitting into my gym clothes & summer wear with the progress I've made has probably been one of the most satisfying aspect of this journey. It's boosted my self confidence immensely. And I've had so fun exploring my personal style this season because of it.

2. I think about my skin. 

Past puberty, I had terrible skin. No joke- I had zits left & right. My face hurt all the time. I wasn't confident in myself. I washed my face everyday & I put on all kinds of ointments on my face all through out middle school & high school but nothing worked (yes, I also sought out a dermatologist for help). Ultimately, it was my diet. When I finally cut out empty calories, I started eating more with the mentality to fuel my body, my skin cleared gradually. It was a miracle. The best part of it all was that I had so much energy throughout the day, I was more focused, more productive & accomplishing more things in one day definitely helped with my mental health as well.

3. Inspire your friends to join  in.

Invite a friend to go to the gym. Explore the city together and find restaurants that have a healthy & refreshing menu. Ask a friend to go shopping for gym wear with you. Make your friends healthy foods when they come over. It helps a lot when you can have someone to hold you accountable & visa versa. Inspiring my friends to join me not only hypes them up but helps me continue moving forward in my own lifestyle journey.

4. I like to snack. It's convenient.

So I find healthy foods to snack on. I stock up on fruits, low calorie treats, anything that's green- there's so many options. I've always loved smoothies. Jamba Juice is probably my favorite place to go treat myself after a good week's work out. If you like to cook, try new & more wholesome recipes! Limiting your access to junk food & surrounding yourself with healthier options instead can impact your daily habits immensely.

Tip: Incorporate more vegetarian or vegan foods in your diet. The ingredients are basic but oh so healthy & tasty.

5. Go back to the basics.  Visualize what you want your life to be.

I'm a visual learner. So looking at the progress of others helps me a lot. Following women on Instagram that encourage others to build on their personal fitness journeys has definitely helped me. I was the kind that was discouraged at first, seeing all these women with such beautiful bodies & healthy diets...

No. Never compare yourself. You are on your own path. This is YOUR journey.

Knowing myself & how discouraged I'd feel if I'd initially looked through social media for inspiration, I read up on healthy blogs instead. I looked through pictures of foods I'd want. Healthy food feeds were my inspiration when I felt my diet wasn't exciting or diverse enough. I'd look through Pinterest for fashion ideas. I imagined myself on a beach wearing a bikini that fit perfectly because I'd made so much progress.

What do you want for yourself? Ask yourself that question. And just do it.


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