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My name is Marr! I'm a Filipina-American blogger just trying to figure out life. I hope you join me on my quest to discover a happier, healthier & enjoyable one. Whether that’s a new podcast, beauty product, or bars in Dallas - I’d love for you to tag along in my thoughts & adventures with me!

Get Lit: Fruity Faves

Get Lit: Fruity Faves

Shout to my babes that need a week to plan their outfits a week in advance before any occassion! This one's for you, fam.

I was raised rather sheltered and by 'rather' I mean I was sheltered AF.

I'd finally turned 21 and I wasn't even interested in partying or anything crazy. Yeah, my parents would have the occasional drink, I was just taught that you can have fun without the need for alcohol so it really was not that deep for me- like no sense of FOMO at all. I still do believe that you can have tons of fun without any alcohol in your system. And you don't have to worry about getting into any trouble if you have "friends" that may leave you on your own if you're intoxicated.  

Looking back, the friends I made weren't much for going on nights out. And I'm going to be honest- I didn't trust anyone enough to do so anyway. The first 2 years of my university experience were pretty much spent cooped up in my dorm room, studying into the early hours of the day.

But when I turned 22, everything really changed... Another toxic relationship ended (thank goodness I escaped that mess), I was free to explore whatever I wanted, get to know whomever I pleased, and got a chance to explore all topics more deeply. It was incredibly liberating. And eventually I learned to loosen up & enjoy my life more.

A few months into the single life, I met someone special. He asked if he could see me again on a more casual date (whether or not you were wondering - yes, girl it was great).

It was all fun times until he asked me what I wanted from the bar. Guys... I froze like a squirrel in the road. I was so embarrassed because I had absolutely NO IDEA what anything was. I tried to play it cool & I told him "anything sweet".

Fruity/sweet tastes are my go-to to this day. So if you're the same, here are a few of my faves!

 @ Drinks

1. Mixed Berry Mojito

2. Coconut Mojito

3. Moscato/ Raspberry Moscato Mojito

4. Mike’s  Hard Black Raspberry


@ Shots

1. Starburst

2. Vegas Bomb

3. Gummy Bear

4. Baileys Irish Cream Vodka



There are soo many bloggers out there that create content centered on alcoholic beverage recipes. I've had so much fun learning from these women & I encourage you to search for them more often, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you!

Reminder from the Blogger:


I wish I didn't have to say it but it's important to understand it.

Always establish a designated driver. If you're a designated driver, understand that you are responsible for the lives of others so act accordingly. Always know where you're going to be staying & prepare the things you need for the next morning if you're staying at a friend's place. 

To know more about the influence of alcohol & the dangers of driving while intoxicated, click here.

I agree, life's a party. But just be smart about it, yknow? :)


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