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Summer Morning Routine

Summer Morning Routine

So... I'm an ambivert; most people are. This means I have both introvert & extrovert characteristics. And when either part of my personality hits, I embrace it to the fullest. So yes, I have days when I want to stay home and do nothing at all & i have days when I want to be productive or spend forever exploring the city & interacting with others.

In whichever case, I feel beautiful and I feel like myself.

But in the past few years, I've learned that I've formed certain habits for a productive & active day and habits that are for the complete opposite. So when these two personalities (along with their own set of moods) meet one another, finding ways to start my morning can become super confusing. Because even though I want to stay in, it absolutely does not mean that I don't desire to be productive & active.

So anyone feeling the same as I do on this lovely Friday, I've put together my morning routine when I feel the most ambivert!

Summer Morning Routine

1. Pray  + Daily intentions*

2. Make My Bed*

3. Feed & Take Haru out*

4.  Work out (30 min) 

4. Take a Quick, warm shower  

5. Apply A Little Bit of Makeup (or A lot b/c we LOVE make up Here)  +  Dress in Over-sized clothing (30 min)

6. Make a cup of Vanilla Chai Tea/ Have a small breakfast*

7. Read Current Book/ Quiet Activity

8. -Insert   Chore(s) Here- (1 hrs)

Anything past this point may be whatever activity I choose to be productive with that day. My mornings are far from strict. 

8. Blogger Bit: Answer Emails, Network, Etc.* (1.5 Hrs)

9.  BB:  Brain storm + Plan* (30 Min. - 1 Hrs)

10. Write + Create Media* (N/a)

11. Possibly Decide Whether You Want To Go out Later


Key: (*) Every morning

A Note for my Blogger Babes:

Quiet mornings are key on these days because I need to center myself & really connect with my thoughts in order to project it outward through my writing/content.  Centering my spirit, my mind, and body for the day is incredibly important for me and my process. And if you're having a hard time channeling your thoughts to form clear ideas, I hope I could help. ;)

Sometimes when it's really difficult for me to get up in the morning I play with Haru & he always cheers me up!

Sometimes when it's really difficult for me to get up in the morning I play with Haru & he always cheers me up!

Hopefully in the future, I'll be able to film my morning routines for you all - so stay tuned! ;)

Meet Haru here & follow his adventures on Instagram!

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