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Lifestyle Favorites : July 2018

Lifestyle Favorites : July 2018

Another month means another month of new (re)discoveries!

So let's get it, let's gooo - here are my lifestyle favorites for July 2018!

1. My Phone Case

Yeah, I have a pretty old phone (Samsung Galaxy S6) & yeah this case has yellowed so much that it's kind of become a little disgusting but I just keep coming back to it. The grip it gives is just super comfortable! I wish they made it so that it wouldn't yellow so much. I have literally tried everything to get rid of the discoloration so if you have any suggestions, shoot me a comment down below, I'm always down to try.

2. Drops: Learn Korean + Duo Lingo: Learn French

My boyfriend's family is Korean. And so I just kind of want to get to know them better & interact with them more easily. Yeah, I've asked my boyfriend to teach me some words but he's stubborn and just won't (I know, how silly, right!?).

I'm a visual learner so the Drops application is actually super helpful (actually more helpful & more enjoyable than Duo Lingo). I also feel like Drops really helps with familiarization of Korean characters & their sounds. The application also enables you to set your first language from English to another. So if English is not your first language, you can still use the application and I love that (I set my first language to Tagalog just for fun). I recommend this application for anyone who is starting at [language] level 0 who want to familiarize with common phrases. Lastly, I've noticed Drops does not focus much on practicing conjugations compared to Duo Lingo.

As for brushing up on my French, I prefer Duo Lingo over Drops. All throughout middle school & high school (even in college), I've taken a total of about 6 years of French. So I know some basics. Recently, I've been getting into French podcasts & I thought, why not review a little bit of those conjugations I hated doing in high school and expand my vocabulary, right? ;) I highly recommend this application for those who also want to refresh their language skills.

3. Fit Bit Period Tracker

I've had my Fit Bit Ionic for a few months now & I absolutely love it. It tells the weather, notifies me of emails, texts, calendar stuff & all of the above fitness. Since the software update, I have really been loving the period tracker on the app. It notifies me when I'm about to have my period and enabled me to record symptoms as well! Super handy!

4. New Tattoo: Small Triangle on my Wrist

I got my 3rd tattoo this month & I have been loving it. It's a pretty common tattoo. I chose a triangle to represent the Holy Trinity. I'm pondering whether I should dedicate a post on my tattoos - the why's & the what's. Comment below for any suggestions on this idea ;)

5. 'Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire' by J.K. Rowling

Yes, I'm a little late on the boat to Hogwarts. But I just finished the 4th book this month and I cannot wait to start the next one. I've yet to purchase the 6th & 7th book but I promise you, I'm rushing to the nearest Barnes and Noble as soon as I finish the 5th book. 

I've absolutely fallen in love with the world that J.K. Rowling created and if anyone of you were wondering- yes. I'm a Gryffindor!

6. Pewdiepie - Detroit Become Human Game Play

I never used to watch Pewdiepie (Felix) on Youtube before I met my boyfriend. But oh my goodness - what a freaking great entertainer that man is! Even though I suck at anything video game, I've always appreciated the gaming world & do keep up with it from time to time. I hope I don't get hate for this but I admit, I'm the person that is really rooting for the developers to make movies on the side (like why did you make that game trailer so damn good & stop it at 3 minutes, man? Ya'll always leave me feeling robbed or something).

7.  Kimchi in my Ramen

I've found that kimchi tastes wonderful on basic, non-spicy Korean ramen. I do like spicy food but I find that some foods become simply too spicy for me. With kimchi on the other hand, I can enjoy the best of both worlds without losing sensation in my mouth!


Wish List

1. 'The Sublte Art Of Not Giving A F*ck' by Mark Manson

I was scrolling around Twitter one evening & someone had posted this book recommendation. I'd seen it several months prior but because of the sudden reminder, it's now officially on my to-read list. If you all have similar book recommendations, leave them down below in the comments! I love building my library :)

2. Samsung Galaxy S9

I have wanted this since it came out but since I started blogging OH MY MARR, my desire for this beautiful piece of tech has just sky rocketed. The camera is just wonderful & I've always loved Androids for their customization & convenience!


So those are my lifestyle faves! I'd love to know yours! Hit me up with a comment or a message below, sharing yours!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday night, where ever you may be. Have a wonderful week! :)

xoxo Marr - OH MY MARR

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