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My name is Marr! I'm a Filipina-American blogger just trying to figure out life. I hope you join me on my quest to discover a happier, healthier & enjoyable one. Whether that’s a new podcast, beauty product, or bars in Dallas - I’d love for you to tag along in my thoughts & adventures with me!

23 Somethings @ 23

23 Somethings @ 23

It definitely took me a lot longer to produce than I'd expected. I kind of overbooked myself this week & I didn't realize 23 somethings would be a lot! But here we are!

My 23 Somethings @ 23

1.  love yourself.

You've heard it many times before. But it's vital for you to understand how special you are and the greatness that you can offer. Loving yourself is confidence. It's being able to say yes and knowing when to say no. It's failing at something so bad sometimes and then seeking comfort/coping in healthy ways. It's about knowing your soul needs cleansing and finding positive ways to do just that. It's sitting in silence with a cup of tea or going dancing with friends for the weekend, or spending too much time in the bath.

Loving yourself is about being at peace that you are a working progress. And that is absolutely and wonderfully just fine.

2. God knows your heart.

Your relationship with God is unique. He created you. Of course he knows what desires your heart holds. Always seek guidance from Him & continue to pray about your vocation. If you feel like you need a change in your life to be happy/peaceful, there is a reason for this, it's all just up to you to ask Him why & to use your own gifts to pursue it in a positive way. Trust in His plan and all you need will be provided.

3.  You're path is your own.

One of my favorite lessons - it's definitely better said than done. But I cannot stress how important it is to understand that your journey will be different from others. And that's OK. I continue to struggle with this on bad days but I understand that that's just part of being human, y'know? Not only do I think it's important to have good people who constantly remind us how unique and special we are (because each & every one of us is) but it's so important that we remind others of how special their own journeys are as well.

4. Show your family that you appreciate & love them.

Your parents are growing old. Your siblings will move away soon to pursue new, busy lives and maybe create families of their own. Spend time with your loved ones as much as you can because it's hard to adult. Family will always be family. Can't live with them, but most importantly can't live without them.

5.  Siblings are BFFs sent by God.

I am so thankful that God blessed my family with more than one child. I would've gone crazy if I were a single child. And honestly, being a big sister is probably one of my favorite things. After leaving for uni for 3 years, that's when I started to appreciate God's gift. I've learned a lot from my brother & I am so proud of the man he's becoming. He's been through bad break-ups with me and any other personal issues - he's always been there for his Ate ('big sister' in Tagalog). And you bet, I'll always be there for him - no matter how badly I want to throw my shoe at him. (He's also great at taking pictures for me at the blog.)

6.  Be present.

Because I'm very new to blogging, I'm definitely guilty of being way into my work lately. The first few weeks really required me to do research and really focus on how I wanted things to look like when I launched OHMYMARR. I'm on social media all the time now updating & editing entries & media but it's still so important to unplug & just be. Just be present. Be present during your morning coffee, when you're with family, when you're at church, when you're out for date night.

Just live.

7.  Healthy is a lifestyle.

Working out isn't going to do much unless you also change your daily habits. Going to the gym is a start but don't neglect holistic health! There are other systems in your body other than the muscular system that need your attention. Your  immune system, your mental health, urinary tract, etc. Take it seriously and ask your health care provider about how you can effectively transition into a healthier lifestyle (ex: get your blood tested!). Understanding what your body needs is important.

Your whole body needs lovin'. The more you focus on your body as a whole, the greater the results you'll get at the gym (assuming a well developed form)!

I think it's also important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will help you move forward in this super important lifestyle decision. Here are some ways I motivate myself to get back on track!

8.  Not everyone is going to like you.

There are soo many people on this planet and let's face it, not everyone is going to like you & that's fine. Even if this is the case, I think it's important to always be respectful of others who have opinions different from your own. Disagreeing with another person (vice versa) is part of being an adult. It allows new ideas to surface & can become a learning experience for others.

Honestly, at the end of the day, I'm all about living in peace with one another.

9.  Choose your friends wisely.

I mean, really. Over the years I've learned that it's okay to choose who you want or do not want in your life. I've had some pretty toxic relationships in the past and those sucked a** so I never want to experience anymore of that.

I think it's important to open your heart to new relationships & experiences. But I also think it's important to guard your it because your heart is soo special. Don't forget it. :)

10.  When you aren't happy in a relationship, leave it.

GIIIIRRL. Don't get me started. But I've been in relationships (romantic & platonic) where I was very unhappy and was childish enough to stay. Please don't be like the younger me and move DF oooon.

You just don't need that negativity in your life, especially if it's affecting your mental and physical health. Go on more friend dates, find yourself, a creative outlet, make new friends, attend more parties, read more books, spend time with family, travel with your pet - you name it. You were made to flourish on your own first anyway.

11.  Coupons & Rewards are actually not over rated.

Download the applications, cut it out from the newspaper, always get the little cards that let you get that free drink after 5 purchases, whatever you need to do to save coin. I'm a full time college student. I get it. 

Opportunities to save money are ALL around us. I think sometimes we're just too lazy to "submit [that] online survey" or just do our research on how to save money.

12.  You can buy fashion but you can't buy style. 

I don't care if you have all the money to purchase all the designer pieces in the world. For me, styling those pieces together to fit my own sense of style is a completely different story & a whole new adventure. I love paring different pieces together, mixing different kinds of textures and just exploring my own aesthetic.

13.  Seek. And when the opportunity presents itself, take it.

When I pray for guidance, I really lay out my heart out in front of the Trinity. I pray for courage (which sometimes takes a while) & just take my leap of faith. Remember, God knows your heart. You're only job is to 'yes' to the goodness that He offers.

14.  It's okay to ask for help.

Over the years, I've learned to let go of my pride. Pride hinders us from growing and taking the path that will lead us to a happier & more fulfilled life. Ask questions & be brave! Chances are, someone has the same question.

15.  It's possible to move forward even when you are broken.

It is possible. No one is perfect. As humans, I think we're all broken in some way. Everyone has struggled, everyone is struggling with something. And that's okay. Be considerate of others. It really goes a long way.  

16.  Understanding love language is actually really helpful.

People give and receive love differently. It's important to communicate with your loved one (friend, significant other, or family member) about how you both feel and what you are both needing from the relationship.

In what ways do you receive love the best? In what ways do you like to give love. And how can you best care for someone else so that you can love them better?

17.  Knowledge is power.

It's shocking how many people still take this for granted. It's important to be book smart AND to be street smart. You can't summarize all that the world has to offer in a few textbooks. The world is vast, culture is all over & constantly evolving & discoveries are made every day in science (etc.)! Feed your minds, people!

18.  Your grade does not define who you are.

I've struggled with this my entire life. I remember crying to my best friends about not being enough. And I especially remember the many nights I stayed up, crying to God, begging him so desperately for a reminder that I was worthy. I remember failing my first exam in college & thinking that the world was going to end. I was never going to excel in anything.

Well. Let me tell you:

The world isn't going to end. You are so much more than a grade. Yeah maybe you really struggled in a class or maybe you actually just didn't give a flying f**k about it but you're still upset you didn't drop it earlier and now you're stuck with an F. Either way, you have the power to change it. Try again. Learn ways to improve. But remember: You are NOT your grade.

19.  Go ahead, pay for the experience!

Don't get me wrong, having material possessions is nice but experiences are priceless. Before I leave this Earth, I want to be able to say I was content with my life. Regret at the end of the line is one of my biggest fears. I want to live my best life, y'know? (And the one thing I'm sure of is that having faith that my path is the BEST for ME, is just what I need.)

I've always loved to travel (seeing the world is currently a dream in progress). Exploring different cuisine & cultures of the world has interested me since I was in high school and I hope I can see this dream through.

20.  Your mental condition does not reduce your worth.

You are not your depression. You are not your anxiety. You are not anything but yourself: beautifully & mercifully made. And just because you may have a health condition that influences your life differently than others, it doesn't mean you are any less of a person; it does not mean you are any less worthy of love & kindness.

I am worthy. You are worthy. We are all worthy of love & kindness.

21.  Appearance doesn't always tell the whole story.

It's easy to judge a book by its cover. I think we're all guilty of this. And it definitely took a lot of moments stumbling over myself during conversation, realizing that I'd assumed something of someone b/c of prior judgement & being super embarrassed afterward to learn this important lesson. 

Pray about it. Pray for better a understanding of others. Pray for an open heart. Everyone is struggling with something OR not (have you ever thought of that?). You just never know.

The following things are what I've come to realize upon launching this blog... 

22.  Do what you love & work hard at it.

You're only young once. You'll never get these years back, y'know?

So find your passion and cultivate it.

23.  Have fun.

Live. Laugh. Love. What more can I say :)

God's taught me so much more about life but these are the ones that are close to my heart.

By no means do I consider myself a super wise person nor am I perfect. This is just what my own journey has taught me. I hope you find these helpful in navigating through yours!

Let's grow together. :)


Continue to grow with me & select the image below! 

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