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Never Alone: My Catholic Journey

Never Alone: My Catholic Journey

Like many others, I grew up as a cradle catholic. Baptized when I was only 7 months old. My parents took me to Mass every Sunday. I attended Sunday school & made so many friends. I learned about my sacraments and got confirmed (which was one of the best days). I was in the choir at one point too which I loved sooo much :)

I prayed my prayers every night, alone in my room when I was a little girl. God was my best friend through elementary school, especially through high school & remains to be my comfort to this day. Mama Mary was a mother I could actually talk to. And the saints really came through with their intercessions when I asked them to pray for me. 

Confirmation in the Catholic Church is when a young catholic/new person of the faith) decides to fully accept & practice their faith throughout their adult life. Growing up, I truly had great respect for God. So confirmation day was very special to me.

The early stages of my college career was probably one of the best experiences of my life so far concerning my spiritual journey. It was no longer my parent's responsibility to get my butt to church. It wasn't their responsibility to grow with God for me. It was mine. Realizing this was immensely empowering and I was so grateful to my parents for setting my foundation in Christ.

So I sought out the catholic community at my university. It was actually pretty easy for me b/c my parish gave us each folders containing information on them, specific to each student's chosen school! The next two years were filled with new friends, Bible studies, catholic sorority meetings, and most especially - filled with so much spiritual growth. Real conversations about faith in today's world were abundant. I was so thankful that I'd been blessed to find a community of students who were willing to walk with me.

So have I ever felt alone in my faith journey? Yes. Many times. It was one thing, waiting for my prayers to be answered which I didn't mind that at all because I'd wait for God any day, y'know? But what was most painful for me was when I would come home from university, to my favorite people in the world only to attend Mass on my own. It wasn't that I was physically alone in Mass. It was the fact that I knew everyone was struggling with something but chose to remain there, knowing full well they all needed peace and knew exactly where to find it.


So this is for my friends out there who feel alone in their faith life, for my missionaries who may feel discouraged, and for those newly converted into the catholic faith with unsupportive/passive family members or anyone feeling alone... Please remember that you are not.

Remember that with God, you are never alone. You may feel lonely but you are NEVER alone. God is watching over you, always. Express your troubles in your prayers. Go to Him, who has the power to provide you with all that you need & desire in your heart. Because He loves you & if you ask faithfully and wait patiently, He will provide you with what you are searching for. If you feel lonely in this world & have no one to relate to, pray about it & actively seek a positive way to cope. He might just cross your path with someone special.

Trust in Him.

Constantly seek a positive relationship with the Trinity. Seek everyday, no matter how happy or how sad or mad you are. Know that He will never leave you behind. Seek Mother Mary. Seek the intercession of your fellow saints in Heaven as well as the faith-filled community that may surround you.

Many times you may feel alone in your spiritual journey. It can get pretty tough. Life isn't easy & the evils of the world will take any chance to take us away from all the happiness God provides us.

The way I go about seeking a solution is through prayer & setting goals that will help me pick myself up again. Yes, it's easy to say that prayer is the answer. But you'd be surprised: many people become lost (even the most devout) & don't know how to go about praying. So...  

When my soul feels alone...

I express my feelings to Him. I continue expressing that I don't want to feel this way - that I'm searching for a way to no longer feel this way. And that I am ready for what He plans next for me.

I ask for forgiveness. For feeling alone when I know He is here with me. I'm human & humans seek the physical comfort of others. Because of this simple fact, I take Him for granted (as well as the blessings that he has already provided) and it's important to understand that we are never truly alone if we seek His love and grace.

I ask for guidance. Ponder together why you are feeling this way and ask for guidance. Seek it with an open heart.

I ask that my faith be strengthened. I ask for the light within me to be lit continuously. I tell Him that my trust is His. 

I ask for the intercession of our Holy Mother Mary - who has suffered greatly in her own life.

Then I ask the saints in Heaven who have earned favor with the Lord throughout their lives to pray for me to be strong - especially those who have struggled with loneliness in their lives.

I ask for His will to be done. Always. At the end of any prayer, I always ask for this because at the end of each day, I know that my life is His and His alone. His plan for me is better than my own. And the blessings that may be given to me are greater suited for me than the worldly desires that I may seek.


I hope maybe this has helped you a little bit to find strength in yourself and in your spiritual journey. You're not alone. Remember that. :)


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