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5 Ways To Be Mindful of Your Goals

5 Ways To Be Mindful of Your Goals

Guys, it’s been a minute since my creative juices have been able to flow onto the blog. I’ve been gone for a little while, adjusting to my new schedule and a not-so-solo life living with not the greatest roomies (which has definitely been something).


During my week and a half long absence from the blog, I got to be reminded of how much of a scatter brain I can actually be. So when I finally got to draft, I drew a blank. All this time had passed by and all I could still feel was just pure exhaustion. Even though I’d done a lot of things this week, I felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything all. Super annoying, right? Right.

So it dawned on me that I was feeling so unaccomplished because I hadn’t been keeping my goals in mind. I’d been so caught up in other things (which yes, of course those things mattered but they obviously were not what I had had in mind) that I’d forgotten what my goals were. Once again, I’d lost that sense of direction.

So here are some things that I’m going to be be mindful of as I refocus on what matters to me & what needs to get done!

  1. Step Back & Acknowledge

    Don’t undermine what you’ve already accomplished for the day. Something is better than nothing, y’know? Got up this morning? Check. Made coffee & had the rest of last night’s left overs? Check & check. Fed the dogs? Check.

    An accomplishment is still an accomplishment no matter how little. So establish that positive mindset. A positive mindset leads us to such good things!

  2. Center & Re-Center

    Now, before you get caught up in just doing chores all day (or all week), stop for a second. Take a breather. Take a nice bath or shower and recenter yourself - whatever gets you to refresh you mind.

    Take the time to think about what your goals actually are. Make a short list. I often hear that people do this the night before or really early in morning. Personally, I like to take my to-do lists the night before so when I get up in the morning, I already know what I plan to do.

  3. Be Re-mindful.

    Setting goals is one thing and it’s another to do go about taking action, but don’t forget the in-between: reminding yourself. Check and re-check the list that you’ve made. What’s the point of making a list if you’re not going to use it to keep yourself on track?

    Other ways of reminding yourself of the big picture is to visually see it. I don’t have time to make a physical visual board so I make boards on my Pinterest & look through my boards to visualize my goals & what I want in my life.

    Just a warning though, Pinterest can be a massive source of distraction if you’re not careful. One click can lead to another & next thing you know, you’re on ASOS (sponsor me pls), buying a pair of shoes that you definitely need but really don’t. So again, be aware or set a timer if it’s gets to be that bad.

  4. Strive for Efficiency

    So the dictionary definition of ‘efficiency’ is, “achieving maximum productivity with the least amount of wasted effort.”

    We want to get things done, right? Find the BEST way to accomplish a task so you don’t waste time or an unnecessary amount of energy on just one thing.

    I definitely believe that quality work takes time but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve that within the best time possible.

    You’ve got to step away from distractions and focus.

  5. Just Do it.

    This definitely goes along with #4. Think about your next task and just do it. Often times we make a simple task bigger or heavier than it really is just by overthinking. Going back to ‘striving for efficiency’: think about what the best way is to carry out a task and just go and DO IT. If you make a mistake, reevaluate and just do it over again. It may be easier said than done sometimes (I know) and that’s okay.

    The whole idea is to always find a way to move forward.


    Action equals direction!

Ya’ll, I took this all by myself (no other photographer but myself). It was super awkward but I DID IT (in the blistering heat). Two good shots from a whole 30 photos - #bloggerlyfe am I right?

Ya’ll, I took this all by myself (no other photographer but myself). It was super awkward but I DID IT (in the blistering heat). Two good shots from a whole 30 photos - #bloggerlyfe am I right?

Share your goals & comment if your heart desires! Let’s encourage each other to be our best!

I hope you all have a joyful & productive week taking the steps you need to take to accomplish those goals. Wishing all of us good vibes & prayers to carry out the tasks ahead.


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