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August Lifestyle Favorites

August Lifestyle Favorites

Wow. Okay... so I have absolutely nooo idea where the month of August went but I guess here we are!

I'm not going to lie. August was a tough but very fun month for me this year. I adopted a new puppy, prepped for my last semester of undergrad, thought about my monthly goals for the blog & went out to A LOT for meetings. The month was filled with so much that I actually needed a good minute to think about what my favorites were! 

1. Blessed Is She Planner

Since the BIS planner that I have is academically formatted, the first month that shows is August. I've pretty much been waiting almost a whole year to use this planner and it is absolutely EVERYTHING that I have imagined it to be.

It helps me keep up with important days in the Catholic calendar & helps me keep my days fait-filled. I also bought the bigger version of the planner so there's room for all my intentions, short prayers, and notes!

2. Sweater Knit Blanket - Color: Sour Cream/Hot Coffee

Target never fails me. I've had this blanket for over a year now & it is probably one of my favorite blankets that I have (and I have A LOT of blankets). I think this is the only blanket that I can use during both summer & winter. It keeps me at JUST the right amount of warm & cozy year 'round & it's just awesome, man.

3. Blogger Community

I've mentioned this before in my first lifestyle favorites post but I've just got to say it again. One of my favorite things of being a blogger is getting to meet the lovely ladies behind all the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle media accounts. There's so much to learn from them all & I absolutely love making new friends!

4. 'Crazy Rich Asians' Film & Just going to the theater

I'm OBSESSED. I don't think I've ever wanted to return to the theater over and over again for a movie as much as I did with this film. The laughter, the tears, the anger, the joy! This film. Go! See! It!

5. Honey Butter Chip (Korean Chip)

I hate it. But not really.

My boyfriend is Korean & got me hooked on these chips that his dad would always bring home. They're salty but creamy & buttery??? Yes. The taste can be a little confusing at first, but after a while, you won't be able to stop (I know I sure couldn't).

It's okay to treat yourself sometimes. But dang, I REALLY need to find a healthier alternative to these, because they're sooo good.

Beware. You might get addicted (notice how it's already opened LOL).

Beware. You might get addicted (notice how it's already opened LOL).

6. Mini Fan

I have to walk a long ways to class and lately it's been SUPER hot. Sometimes you just gotta make your own breeze, yknow? So I've been plugging in a mini fan into my phone to cool me down for a little bit. It might not be an AC but it's definitely better than passing out in the middle of the sidewalk.

7. Spotify + Current Favorite Artists

I've finally made the decision to switch to Spotify for my listening needs. Let me tell you - IT'S BEEN AN ABSOLUTE PARTY. All the songs I search up are in their data base (with the exception of some Tagalog songs which sucks because I'm down for today's Philippine Pop)! I'm not regretting it at all.

Here are some of my fave artists (+ song suggestion) for the month of August:

Anne-Marie - 2002

BTS - Love Maze

Seeb - Drink About

Steve Aoki - Pretender (ft. Lil Yavhty & AJR)

Rozes - Famous

Me trying a JOY Macaroon ice cream sandwich in Dallas because I was having a bad day some time earlier this September.

Me trying a JOY Macaroon ice cream sandwich in Dallas because I was having a bad day some time earlier this September.

What was your August like this year? Busy? Not so busy? Both? Tell me about it, I'd LOVE to know!

Also, it's transition season so hit that comment button below & share some things you'd love to read about on the blog!

Until next time :)


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