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What I Learned As A Biology Major

What I Learned As A Biology Major

Back to school season is here and I've decided that it would be nice to share some lessons I learned! So let's get it, let's goooo!

1. Choose Your Professors Wisely

There's nothing that sucks more than attending a class where the professor gives too much unnecessary work or the material is made harder to understand than it's supposed to be. Or when a professor's teaching style is just not something that click. Of course, there's always office hours that you can go to, but it's just much better to get the material right then and there. Rate my professor is a thing. It always came in handy every semester.

2. Procrastinate @ Your Own Risk

No, really. If you want to go on a night out with your friends instead of studying or go to that social event your favorite organization is holding instead of studying, there's a VERY high chance that your grade will reflect that. Don't get me wrong, if you have 3 weeks to study - yeah, sure, go out & have fun! But as the exam date gets closer... I'm tellin' you... Procrastinate at your own risk, man.

Pro-tip: Study 20 to 30 minutes a day & review each subject material each day. So you don't have to stress 1 week from the exam!

You need time to study. That's a lot of material. DO NOT CRAM.

3. You're Gonna Doubt Yourself A Lot

If you're like me, you're going to want to pull your hair out sometimes, stressing about your purpose in life, why you're in college, questioning if this is even worth it. Remember your 'why'. Why do you want to go to school? Is it because you're just an avid learner? Is it because you want to understand how something works so you can contribute to advances in that field one day? Remember the big picture, honey.

4. Asking Questions Is Great. Do it.

Never be afraid to ask questions. Because how else are you going to learn? Chances are there is someone who has the same one. Granted, my lectures had about 150 students in attendance on a regular day so maybe if you want more of a detailed answer, meet the professor after class or schedule an office hour.

5.  Be patient. There's a lot of smart alecks out there...


[Hold on, let me role my eyes for a good sec.]

[k. I'm done.]

I've met so many. And as much as you want to say something. Just don't. Just walk away, fam. Or better yet, maybe get to know that person. People aren't all jerks, y'know. Be nice & maybe use this opportunity to connect with someone? Or not. It all just depends on the patience you have. There are always other ways to seek good help.

6. Make Friends!

I know this may be hard for many people but finding a study group is a great way to figure out what you don't know and honestly, I think that that is as important (if not more) than understanding the information you already have. So if you want to succeed, group up. You don't have to be best friends for life but remember, there is a common goal.

Lift one another. :)

7. Bring Snacks

Lectures are going to last a while. My lectures were about 1.5 hours long. And a sis can only pay attention for so long until hunger strikes. So if you're actually paying attention in class, your brain is going to need a some fuel. So take some water & a healthy snack with you!

8. Naps Are Key

If you're absolutely exhausted, can't retain information anymore, or can't keep your lids open for more than 5 minutes, SET AN ALARM and take a nap. And when you wake up, you'll thank yourself.

9. don't forget about your health

It's going to be hard but please get some sleep. Drink a lot of water and buy healthy groceries. Plan your meals ahead for the week. Yeah it takes time from one day but it's better than having to stress about it during the week when you're actually busy.

10. actually study your notes

I feel like this is sooo obvious. But I would take bomb ass notes & won't even get to all of it because of my terrible time management skills. You have the key to success. Don't be dumb about it like I was. Review your notes as soon as possible so that you have time to understand the material. 

11. Don't Feel Obligated To Do Research

Research is not for everyone and that is OK. Those pursuing a career in the medical field often feel pressured to participate in research.. It will definitely enhance your application for grad school but research takes time and dedication. Don't go into research if you're only purpose is to improve your application. Make sure you care about the topic because the professor that is conducting it certainly does. Much funding also goes into research endeavors & it's important for you to understand that.

12. Actually show up to Class

I saved the best for last! I'm going to be honest, my junior year of college, I skipped a lot of lectures (for reasons I'd like to share at a later time). And yeah, it DEFINITELY reflected onto my grades.

If you actually pay attention for 15 minutes and take active notes, that's actually A LOT of information. Imagine missing 1.5 hours of information just because you got lazy one day & decided not to go... The material that you missed could potentially make up at least than 1/3 of the next exam. Just think about that...

13. It's worth it. (I know when people are trying to pull medical knowledge out their a**)

Some of the classes were difficult. But some of the classes were DIFFICULT. I learned a lot of material that many individuals don't usually get to learn in their lifetime. And for that I am incredibly grateful. Thank you to the professors who have taught me in the past.

Four years is a long time. So hit me up with some thoughts or questions you may have about being a science major. If you're not a science major, I would love to hear about your experience!

OR if you're thinking about declaring a science major - I would love to help out!


It's back to school season! So watch out for more college edition posts!

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15 Things I Learned In College

15 Things I Learned In College

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