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February Reflection // No Regrets

February Reflection // No Regrets

January’s reflection really got me thinking more about following that quiet but very powerful call that we have in hearts about building the life that we want for ourselves.
Let’s talk about making those dreams into reality.

Hi, I’m Marr and I don’t like regret - who does?

I just don’t. I see people bitter about the lives they live and I don’t want that (I mean, I definitely haven’t met anyone who’s made it clear otherwise). I know people who pursue certain paths for reasons other than for themselves and as a first generation immigrant, I know what that’s like and that actually really sucks.

“Actively pursue your dreams.” Even though I had no idea what that meant for me at first or who I was going to meet, I tried anyway and finally acted on a decision that I made. Honestly, it was one of the best things I did. Prooobably should have planned a little more before I launched but y’know, that was my lesson to learn. But y’know what, here we are right? Pursuing to foster my creativity has exposed me to so many things that I had never been exposed to because I decided to stick my head in a textbook for years - I mean, I definitely learned so many great things about the world and myself because of it but I really wish I made time for things I actually truly wanted to explore. It’s crazy what can happen the second you want to take charge of your life and change something.

It does take a lot of courage to move in the direction you want your life to go, though. There are going to be times when people you hope to support you the most will turn away or express doubt in your choices. There will be plenty of times people will give you unsolicited advice, telling you it’s not too late to turn back. There will be times when you’ll finally sit down, possibly broke AF, finally feeling the weight of all the doubt that’s been poured on you. There will come a time when everything and everyone is telling you the exact opposite of the encouragement you need to hear to keep moving forward.

Re-evaluate and keep pushing.

A dream can only come to life if it’s actively pursued by its creator. It’s no one else’s job to believe in your dreams but you.

I know that not everyone has the privilege to pursue what they want in life; we all come from different circumstances. But no one else can take your drive away from you but yourself. Remember this.

Envision and pray for the joy your heart is searching for. Each time, ask yourself “why” you want to go on this path. Are the reasons truly worth the effort you will need to put into making these desires reality?

Gather the knowledge that you need so that you can do the things you want to do… Seek help from others that you can trust and learn from their lives with a humble & open heart.
Which brings me to mention an important lesson I’ve really had to learn in the past few months of getting a glimpse of different industries:

Don’t regret not trying but also, don’t regret that you did. Be smart about your choices and talk about your goals with someone that has your best interest because not everyone is here to help you… Find those gems, build genuine relationships and you will be set for success.

February has been such a busy month for me this year with all that’s been going on and the people I’ve been so grateful to meet. I’ve been booked for my first few fashion shows this March and I cannot wait to be able to be a part of these events, featuring great fashion and other wonderful talents! I’ve been actively pursuing more of what brings my life more joy and I know this is only the beginning of my new journey.

A few days ago, my doctor & I were having a deep conversation about life and he told me that “if you have a skill or talent you want to pursue, go for it with ALL that you’ve got.”
And that is exactly what I plan to do… ;)


Read more about how to be more mindful of your goals in the post below!

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