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April Reflection | Life's Balancing Act

April Reflection | Life's Balancing Act

Life is a balancing act. At times it’s not too bad but sometimes it’s just unbearably difficult and unfortunately this month, I found myself in the latter.
Life is all about balance. It’s hard to not tip the scale too far onto one end because it can get a little tougher to return to where we were before. The scale isn’t ever going to stay still, we all know this. Life is filled with changes, both good and bad and so it ultimately comes down to perspective.
Humans are emotional beings & so mood can play a part in how we look at current circumstance.


Because my birth month is in a few days and I’m in DESPERATE need of a mood refresh because of all the mess that’s surrounded me this past month, here’s a little something to help guide both of us into those better days.

find a quiet place & pray

In bed when you wake up, as you have your morning coffee in the kitchen, or at chapel before going to see a priest for Confession.

Centering yourself is an important part of changing mood. Personally, I can’t really move forward if I don’t truly face the deeper, underlying issues that are causing my anxieties and so I pray. I lay it all out to the Lord. I lay all the bad thoughts, all the paranoia, all my shortcomings and I ask for forgiveness and help to be better. Accepting the current state that I’m in and understanding why I’m in that place of darkness is usually my first step to refreshing my outlook.

Even I have a difficult time with this. When the world seems to be falling all around me, of course it gets tough. But I never let go. Let that feeling of hopeless go and take the first step. Spiritually inhale the good and exhale the bad.

self care hours

A book by the pool. A nap then a solo movie night. Bathing and sippin’ on a glass of wine, just take a nice long walk or all of the above! I’m not anywhere near a pool but I do have a book and everything else above. When tough times come around, my response is to feel guilty because I feel like I hadn’t done enough to make the outcome better. This makes taking self care hours hard to do practice because I feel like I don’t deserve to have this precious time off for myself. Instead of being in my own space of peace, I push myself to work in any way possible to accomplish something because of that feeling for failure even if it means just feeling like I’m being productive (which is a big no no).

lift your spirits

Music is such an important part of my life. Make a playlist. What mood do you want to be in? Is it a comforting calmness or motivated to take on the day?

not sponsored. Spotify has some amazing pre-made playlists that really set the mood for whatever. YouTube also has all kinds of chill track playlists that help in the morning to gradually get me ready for the day! Here’s of my favorites on Spotify!

Chillhop Spring 2018 | Chillhop Spring 2019
Ready For The Day Playlist
Lizzo Radio (A fave new artist find of mine. I’ve been asleep, y’all)

do something you love + build yourself + follow through

Once your spirits have been lifted and you’ve taken the personal time you need to mentally refresh yourself, pick up an old or new hobby or foster your craft. Whatever it is, do something that you love that makes you better. Whether it’s building on a skill or learning how to improve yourself in your chosen industry. For those who have busy lives, it’s important to make time for this step and to follow through. Don’t schedule something that’s important to you too far into the future, otherwise following through on the day may become difficult. Don’t give yourself time to fall out of inspiration. You set it up for a reason, right? :)

Shit happens. And as many time as I feel like you’ve probably heard this before, focus on the things you can change. When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade & refresh.
Let’s refresh together, what do you say?


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